Questions You Might be too Embarassed to Ask....

This is my first massage, should I worry about the need to remove all my clothing? I don’t want to be naked!

At Massage & Wellness on Mille Lacs in Isle, MN, you will be asked to undress to Your comfort level. Some clients prefer to keep on their underwear while other clients prefer to be nude. Don’t worry, we do not see anything that we are not supposed to. If we are massaging your arm, that is all we see. If we are massaging your legs, that is all we see. There are special draping techniques that are used to keep you covered during your massage session. As part of our code of conduct it is a must to keep you properly covered by a sheet at all times.

Women usually remove their bras to allow the therapist to work on the shoulder and back area without getting lotion or oils into the fabric of the bra. If your problem area is your low back, hips, glutes, or groin, tight or oversized underwear can be difficult for the therapist to properly work the areas in need. You can ask before your massage session starts.

It's my first massage - do I need to undress?

If this is your first massage you can expect the therapist to ask you a few questions and then she will leave the room allowing you time to get undressed to your level of comfort and lie on the massage table and cover up with sheets and a blanket. The table is usually heated unless you prefer a cool table. Again, just let the therapist know. You should not worry about your therapist knocking and asking if it is ok to enter the room before they open the door.

If you are still not comfortable with removing clothing, talk to your therapist to see if there are other options available to you.


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