Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Couples Massage

What could better than receiving a top-notch professional massage and feeling thoroughly on cloud 9, relaxed, calm and rejuvenated afterwards? Sharing the massage experience with a friend or significant other. While many places call a service performed on two people at the same time a “couples massage”, it is not just limited to people in romantic relationships.

It can be a perfect “girls night out” activity or just a great way to relax with a friend.

Why couples massage and not just one?

A couples massage can help get both of you on the same level of relaxation and is a great way to dissolve the stresses of modern living. Connecting with each other is infinitely easier when both of you are in an open, relaxed and in a calm state.

Consider making massage the first step of a day or evening together. You may find it enhances the quality of your time together dramatically.

One reason is simple biology – massage releases mood enhancing chemicals in the brain that produce positive emotions while reducing the amount of biological markers in the body that cause stress and pain.

If you’re feeling loose, content and open, you’re likely to feel more connected.

Girlfriends & Retreats

Duet Massage

A Duet Massage is nothing more than two people getting massages on separate tables by two different massage therapists in the same room.

But there’s nothing to say you have to be together. If you prefer silence and alone time, just book two individual sessions, and reconnect after your respective sessions.


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