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Should I Feel Pain or Soreness During a Massage?

Certain styles of massage such as trigger point therapy can cause soreness, but it is a myth that any form of massage therapy including deep tissue massage should be painful in order to be effective. Matter of fact, if your therapist presses too hard during your massage, your muscles can seize up and make it even more difficult to get into the tense areas in turn decreasing the effectiveness of your therapy session. If you do not have a soft tissue conditions, a massage should not case soreness or pain.


There are clients that prefer a deeper pressure, but again the therapist should warm the muscles with massage techniques that will result in better muscle response when deep pressure is used so muscles respond in a healthy way.

Good communication with your massage therapist is important so the areas can be effectively massaged with minimal pain aiding in best results.

If you are experiencing chronically tight muscles and painful areas due to overuse or injury, be sure that your therapist knows before you start your massage session.

Never be afraid to ask for more or less pressure so the therapist can give you the best massage experience possible.

It is not uncommon to feel a little groggy or somewhat sore the following day. It is highly important to remember to drink plenty of fluids such as water to flush out your system after your massage to help eliminate toxins and acids that are released from your muscles.


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