What Do You See & Does It Matter?

What Do You See & Does It Matter?

Mindset is one of the greatest factors in determining our success along our journey in life. Having optimal wellbeing is not specifically one factor such as losing weight or being in an ideal pants size. We need to gain focus on what we will gain instead of what we need to leave behind in our new journey. Shifting the way we think and making better choices can impact the amount of success we experience in life.

Have you ever tried to lose weight before and found it hard to stay on track or tried an exercise plan that you found more excuses to not go than actually just going and feeling better about yourself? Of course, at work there is always that birthday celebration and someone brings cake or candy and now the idea of eating that piece of cake is more powerful than shedding another 10 pounds. Instead of making the good decision, you go against what your goal is and eat the birthday cake for instant gratification. Sound familiar?

What helps is to think… What matters most to me? When we stop, think, and chose based on what matters most, we begin to make better choices. For me, I have a few major important things in my life. Number one, I want as many great memories with my family as possible and secondly, I want to have the changes I have been making in my life be the new best practices that will change my clients and friends lives.

Sure, that piece of cake might really taste great, but is having a healthier life that will help you live longer a more meaningful reward than a temporary sugar rush?

Changing our thoughts and decision-making questions that we ask ourselves when faced with temptation is how we can begin to identify what is truly important to us when having that inner desire to gain a new lifestyle that is happy and healthy. The way we think, the reflection we see, and the world manipulate and impact each decision we are faced with. So, if you can identify what matters most to you in your life, you can begin to see much of your life aligning and organizing itself with your goals and you can begin to transform into a healthier life.

What Matters Most to You?

Take some time to reflect on what is more important to you. Is it family, social causes, your community, faith, or living a healthier life? Don’t do it for your spouse, your ex, your kids, you friends. Do it for you! Is it a career change, shorter commute, less-stressful job?

It is time to work on you, your health, and your mind!

Is this fool proof? No.  Will you still face obstacles and hard choices? Absolutely. But when you fix your mind on what matters to you, even a slipup becomes the opportunity for you to learn and unlock the rewards that are meaningful to you. So – What matters to you?


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