You’re Not At A Cocktail Party!

Ok, the question comes up… should I talk during my massage? This is entirely up to you. If you don’t feel like carrying on a conversation during your massage – Don’t talk! It is not your role to carry on a conversation with the therapist unless you want to. After all, you’re not at a cocktail party! It is not your job to entertain the massage therapist. This is your treatment time and time to close your eyes, relax and enjoy your session unless you feel chatty.

If your therapist is trying to share their life story with you, it is time to seek someone out that listens to your needs and respects your quiet time.

There are reasons why talking with your therapist during the massage session is important. If you are in for a deep tissue or sports massage, it is a good rule of thumb to let the therapist know what pressure you feel is the most comfortable in order to release muscles that are stressed or knotted.

Additionally, be sure to let your therapist know if you:

· Have questions about your session

· Forget to mention something about your health

· Feel Pain

· Feel too cold or hot

Go book your massage today and enjoy some ME Time!



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